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  • Which ferry companies operate crossings from Holyhead to Dublin?

    Currently, there are two. Irish Ferries and Stena Line.

  • How many times daily do Irish Ferries sail from Dublin to Holyhead?

    4 times per day.

  • How many times daily do Stena Line sail from Holyhead to Dublin?

    Also currently 4 times daily.

  • What’s the fastest ferry between Holyhead and Dublin?

    Irish Ferries offers the fastest route at 2 hours and 15 minutes.

  • How long does Stena Line take to travel from Holyhead to Dublin?

    3 hours and 15 minutes.

  • How much does the ferry from Holyhead to Dublin cost?

    It varies on passengers numbers, cars etc etc. Please search for a quote using our booking engine. Prices start from as low as £30.

  • Is the Sailing smooth between Holyhead and Dublin?

    Yes, as long as it’s not stormy. There might be a little movement but nothing to be concerned about.

  • How do I find the Cheapest Holyhead to Dublin Ferry Price?

    Simple. Use our cost comparison booking engine to compare all current offers.

  • Are there currently any travel restrictions re: Covid tests?

    No, please pay attention to any changes that might take place before travel.

  • What kind of identification do I need when travelling from Holyhead to Dublin?

    If you are Irish or British then any form of official government ID will do. Passports are not essential.

  • Can I save money when I book my Holyhead to Dublin Ferry ticket in advance?

    Yes, absolutely, the best deals can be found by booking early.

Holyhead to Dublin Ferry

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