Stena Line Holyhead to Dublin Ferry

Stena Line sails from Holyhead to Dublin currently two times per day. Crossing time is a little over 3 hours. Find a cheap ferry deal today.

Stena Line has a long history of providing great customer service on their boats. Sten A. Olsson began his business by acquiring two ferry services in Denmark in the year 1962.


He was one of the first to use computers for tickets and reservations, making it easier to book passage and cargo. These days, passengers, crossing the Northern Seas, will find themselves enjoying a new type of ship.

Modern Day Stena Line Ferries

The Stena Hollandica and Britannica are the largest ferries in service found anywhere on Earth. This is a company that thinks big and plans to be enjoying growth through the years. Their Holyhead to Dublin ferry route has always been particularly popular.

Top Facilities

The ships have Wi-Fi and movies for entertainment to help pass the time. For a relaxing beginning to any trip, leave the car on the parking deck and let the kids play in the up to date game room.

These ships have shopping and restaurants for the adults to enjoy. Passengers can find comfort and entertainment to help make their crossing easier.

Stena Line Package Deals

Stena Line has made planning a trip easier because of the savings and package deals they offer. A lot of people prefer to use public transportation once they arrive in Ireland or England.

Buying the combination of rail service with a ferry ticket provides savings, and if an overnight stay is in the plans, several hotels will give a discount when a Stena package is used. Holidays can be planned with ease because of cheap and affordable transportation.

stena line holyhead to dublin

New Routes and Regular Upgrades

The growth of Stena Line of ferries has happened not only due to the need for their services, but because the owners know that people want a fast and comfortable service.

The added routes through the North Sea have allowed a whole new set of people to experience the reasons Stena are popular.

Whether it is for a business trip or a vacation the traveler will find their journey a little easier when they use Stena Line.

See the Sights

All along the coasts of England and Ireland, there are great opportunities for sightseeing and simple pleasures with lots of time spent exploring.

Stena Line’s Ferry services has expanded into the North Sea and also provides a means to enjoy these two ancient lands.